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Sunday, September 24, 2017

The KPR Crew, Episode #1: Sex, Drugs & Four Inches of Disappointment...

Welcome to our very first podcast. In this episode, we cover the following topics...

  • New products from Natural Expo East 2017 - Jac 
  • Lazy sperm in people that smoke "the pots". - Laura
  • Solar panel door-to-door sales scam. - Dylan
  • A Millennial's point of view on the Dream Act. - Mark
  • Drinking Game: Six questions with an exotic dancer. - Everyone (play along with us)  

Round Table Talks:

  • Five unique sex positions. - Laura ( learn more about unique sex positions -here- )
  • A Millennial's point of view of the economy and bailouts. - Mark ( read Mark's blog entry on this topic -here- )
  • AI (artificial intelligence) guessing your sexual orientation. - Dylan ( read Dylan's blog entry on this topic -here-)  
  • Overcoming depression & anxiety with natural alternatives to modern medicine. - Jac (read Jac's blog entry on this topic -here- )
  • Feature Round-Table: Dealing with poor customer service. Everyone 

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